Good Law Project: I won!

Yes, just weeks after my blog post on the thin winnings of Jolyon Maugham’s Not Very Good Law Project was bigged up by Guido Fawkes and Spiked, the fox-battering QC has responded by publishing a spreadsheet – a spreadsheet! – seeking to demonstrate his record of success.*

There is very little information in the spreadsheet that wasn’t available previously. And – somewhat surprisingly – there is absolutely no information at all about how much money was raised for and spent on each case. So much for transparency, eh? But on the basis of the information provided, I have made a few minor revisions to the tables set out in my blog post of 9 May.

One crowdfunded case – Vote Leave funding (2017) – that I had credited to the GLP as a ‘win’ turns out to have been a ‘loss’ (a win for GLP in the High Court in June 2018 was overturned by the Court of Appeal in September 2019). And in light of the information set out in the new GLP spreadsheet I am now crediting two minor cases – Capita and Monocle (both 2018) – as wins for GLP.

There is, of course, a lot more green shading in the GLP spreadsheet than there is in my (revised and consolidated) table of the 47 crowdfunded cases since 2017, below. But that is partly because Jolyon takes credit for the work of Gina Miller and others in 2016 (when the GLP did not even exist), and the work of Marcus Rashford in 2020, and partly because Jolyon takes credit for any (welcome) change of policy that happened to occur after he sat down and wrote a pre-action protocol letter. Maybe the QC after Jolyon’s name stands for questionable-cause logical fallacy. Or just Quite Conceited.

Case outcome tracker: Q1 2022, Good Law Project, June 2022

Anyway, fwiw, here is my revised, updated and consolidated table, setting out the sum raised for and outcome (to date) of the 47 crowdfunded cases since 2017 (including one – Public spaces – launched after my blog post of 9 May). With nine of these crowdfunders still open, the grand total raised to date has reached £4,240,624. But do bear in mind that, as noted in updates to my 9 May blogpost, even that astronomical sum is dwarfed by the more than £6 million that the GLP has garnered in direct donations and grants since 2017.

* I do hope you got my irony here. Unlike Jolyon, I do understand that correlation does not imply causation.

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Wonkypolicywonk is a policy minion, assigned wonky at birth, who has been lucky enough to work for two of the very best MPs in the House of Commons, and for Maternity Action, Working Families, Citizens Advice, the National Audit Office, the Law Society, and Amnesty International UK.
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5 Responses to Good Law Project: I won!

  1. Clare says:

    GLP is currently spamming Surrey residents Facebook with ads asking for contact info so they can tell you all about the work they are planning about unspecified environmental threats.

    RIP Surrey Hills.

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