So, The Moderate Voices have a new album out. Is it any good?

Woman: I lost my job because I said sex matters!

Women: WTAF? This is a terrible set-back for women’s rights.

The Moderate Voices: Trans women are women, non-binary identities are valid, and Jolyon Maugham is super wonderful.

Woman: But … I lost my job! For saying sex matters!

Women: A woman lost her job! Just for saying sex matters!

The Moderate Voices: There is no debate. Byeeeee.

Women: This is really bad for women’s rights. We need to fight this.

The Moderate Voices: Sorry, we have no time for shouty, difficult women. And THERE IS NO DEBATE! Can we sell you a spider broach? Or a ‘Nasty Woman’ T-shirt?

Women: But … what about ‘Courage Calls to Courage Everywhere’?

The Moderate Voices: How dare you attack us! Pile on blah blah. THERE IS NO DEBATE! Just be nice to the women with a beard and a penis. They are all lovely.

Some time later …

Woman: I won my appeal! The Employment Appeal Tribunal has ruled that the belief that sex matters is protected by the Equality Act.

Women: This is a fantastic victory for women’s rights!

Trans allies: This is a terrible ruling by a transphobic, neo-colonialist legal system that will do great damage to the basic human right of women with a beard and a penis to shout down cis women. It is literal violence, and will lead directly to the death of hundreds of thousands of the most vulnerable people in the world.

Jolyon ‘foxy’ Maugham QC: Please donate to my crowdfunder to try and get all these nasty TERFs to shut the fuck up. What? That gets you a block.

Sir Keir Starmer: Trans women are women, and non-binary identities are valid. Self-ID blah blah. Is that enough? Can I go and play football now?

The Moderate Voices: *silence*

Women: Why have the Moderate Voices not said anything about this landmark ruling?

The Moderate Voices: How dare shouty women attack us for not saying anything about a landmark legal ruling on women’s rights! Mental health blah blah. Trans women are so cute, and we just love their world class ability to accessorise! Oh, we are so witty. Unlike those shouty, difficult cis women. The Moderate Voices need to be heard in this debate.

Women: WTAF???

The Moderate Voices: See! We told you! Why can’t the cis witches stop attacking us, and just be nice to the cute trans women with a beard and a penis?

Other Moderate Voices: You are SO brave for speaking out.

The Moderate Voices: Thank you! I love you! You are so brilliant.

Other Moderate Voices: I love you too! You are brave AND brilliant.

About wonkypolicywonk

Wonkypolicywonk is a policy minion, assigned wonky at birth, who has been lucky enough to work for two of the very best MPs in the House of Commons, and for Maternity Action, Working Families, Citizens Advice, the National Audit Office, the Law Society, and Amnesty International UK.
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